Provide your prospective customers immediate access to what really matters: Your technology

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Speed-­up sales cycles

Instantly place your product into the hands of developers and devops to increase conversions.

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Turbo-charge your developer outreach

Engaging, hands-on product tutorials provide a powerful new way to reach developers.

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Improved on-boarding analytics

Realize immediate visibility into product on-boarding effectiveness.

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Interactive, Branded Tutorials

Create learning tracks, which we call workflows, that tightly combine documentation with hands-on, browser based environments. Integrate your own branding and design elements to match your organization.

Challenge developers and devops

Develop your own certification courses that combine workflows and challenge problem sets. Enable your audience to test their understanding of your workflows and put their problem-solving abilities to the test with hands-on stacktile challenges.

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Organize your Content

Organize your product documentation into books and chapters to create engaging learning tracks for different skill levels.

Access Control

Fine tune access to your content. Restrict access to just your organization, registered users, or make it publicly accessible to the world.

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Plays well with Docker

Define one or more hosts using Dockerfiles in custom-tailored topologies, giving you control over your workflow execution environment.

Made with Markdown

Create your workflows and challenges with simple markdown syntax. Stacktile markdown syntax extensions enable powerful features like "click-to-execute" commands and templating for easier content generation.

See and share your running results

Expose TCP or UDP ports from your environment to the public internet see the running results of any workflow. Set up your favorite application and let your colleagues try it from their browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is stacktile better than just distributing Dockerfiles or VM images?

Asking your prospective customers to download or deploy Docker or VM images and set up their environments adds friction, costing them time and effort. Our platform enables you to provide immediate access to what really matters: Your technology. Users are carefully guided to fully understand your technology in an immersive environment that reduces bounce rates and increases conversions. Valuable insights can be gained on how users interact with the technology and how well your existing documentation works, giving you actionable data to improve developer engagement.

How stacktile works:

How can I create challenges?

Challenge creation is currently in closed beta. We will be rolling out this features in the very near future. Please let us know if you are interested to become a beta tester.

How does access control work?

Access control is managed on a per-workflow basis. Workflow access can be kept private to an individual, the members of an organization, or to the general public

How flexible is your branding?

You will have significant control over customizing your organization's HTML, CSS and Javascript enabling giving you very flexible branding capability

Can I use stacktile for holding in-person workshops?

Yes, you can! Stacktile has already been used with great results to conduct technical workshops on topics ranging from automated configuration management to software engineering and debugging practices to revision control and code quality control methodologies. We invite you to sign-up to be informed of our developments related to this use case.

I need a feature that is not listed.

We're working hard to continuously improve our offering. We invite you to get in touch with us at


How does stacktile meter usage?

Workflow "executions" are our usage metric. Each launched workflow counts as an execution. The number of hosts defined in a workflow topology does not impact the execution count. We currently limit the maximum number of hosts to 3 per workflow. For unregistered visitors, workflow executions are limited to a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Registered stacktile users have the ability to execute one workflow at a time with no time limit. During our beta phase, we limit each organization to a maximum of 10 simultaneous workflow executions by unregistered visitors. If our usage limitations during beta won't accommodate your needs, reach out to us at

How do I cancel my subscription?

Breakups happen, we understand. Simply e-mail or call us.