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Explore and share developer technologies through a browser-based, hands-on devops environment.

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For Tech Providers

Eliminate friction of downloading or setting up software for your prospective customers. Stacktile provides immediate hands-on access to your technology.

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For Tech Training

Accelerate your training workshops by eliminating VM distribution and environment set-up. Stacktile is your solution for instant-on, zero dependency, browser-based tutorials.

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For Software Developers

Use stacktile to explore, understand, and improve your skills at deploying, and troubleshooting running code in real application stacks on real systems.

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Hands on, real systems

We provide you with a ready-to-go, fully interactive environment. You don't need to download or configure anything in order to learn or work with a new technology on stacktile.

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Improve your problem solving skills

Challenge yourself and compete against your peers to solve devops problems on real running systems. Each successfully completed challenge earns you points that accumulate over each week.

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